Invited Speakers

Koji Abe Okayama University JapanMechanism of ALS and the Clinical Neuroprotection in Japan
Catherine Cahill Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital U.S.A. Targeting Alpha Synuclein Translation in Parkinson’s Disease with 5’UTR Directed Small Molecules
Mari Dezawa Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine Japan Unique Reparative Mechanism of Muse Cells: Specific Homing by S1P-S1P Receptor System
William J. Freed National Institutes of HealthU.S.A.Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dopaminergic Transplantation: Controversies and Complications
Chia-Hsien Hsu Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Nanomedicine, NHRI Taiwan Microfluidic Technique for Embryonic Stem Cell Culture
Ming-Shaung Ju National Cheng Kung University Taiwan Effects of Diabetes Mellitus on Biomechanics of Peripheral Nerves from Organ to Cell Level
Steven Lin Academia Sinica Taiwan CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Mitochondrial Genome Editing
Michael R. Loken Hematologics, Inc. U.S.A. Precise Gene Product Regulation From Hematopoietic Stem Cell to Mature Blood Cell
Koichi Nakayama Saga University Japan Scaffold-Free Bio-3D Printing for Solid Organ Fabrication
Phan Nguyen Nhi Nguyen Taipei Veterans General Hospital Vietnam Expression and Biological Role of the Chromosome 19 Microrna Cluster (C19MC) in Stem Cell Pluripotency
Kuniyasu Niizuma Tohoku Univ Grad Sch Med Japan Muse Cell Treatment for Cerebral Ischemia
Kyoung Chan Park Seoul National University Korea Interfollicular Epidermal Stem Cells in the Skin: How can We Regulate?
Samantha M. Portis University of South FloridaU.S.A.Versatility of Cord Blood Based Therapy - Is it the Answer for Neurological Disease?
Kwok-Fai So Jinan University / The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong A Translational Study on Looming-Evoked Defensive Response and the Underlying Subcortical Pathway in Autism
Thorsten Stiewe Philipps University Marburg Germany The p53 Mutome: Dealing with Mutational Complexity in Cancer Therapy
Bing Su Shanghai Institute of Immunology / Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine China Cross Talk between the MAPK and WNT Signals in Intestine Stem Cell Niche
Huai-Jen Tsai Mackay Medical College Taiwan Reduced the Secreted Protein from NogoA-overexpressed Muscle Cells Inhibits Neurite Outgrowth of Motor Neurons
Chung-Yi Wu Academia Sinica Taiwan Glyco-Engineering of IgG-Fc to Enhance the Biological Functions of Therapeutic Antibodies
Jang-Yen Wu Florida Atlantic UniversityU.S.A Mechanism and Therapy of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) and GCSF Gene in Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Brain Diseases
Wise Young Rutgers UniversityU.S.ALithium Mechanisms in Stem Cell Therapiesa
Su-Chun Zhang Duke-NUS Medical School / Waisman Center Singapore Reconstruction of Neural Circuits by Human Nurons