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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

We are honored to announce that the 9th Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research (PPSSC) will be held on 14th to 16th May, 2016 at the Windsor Hotel of Taichung city. For many years, we have offered a forum for the exchange and discussion of research, ideas, and cutting-edge breakthroughs in translational regenerative medicine. It is our great pleasure to invite you to join this terrific annual event again!
Our scientific program covers the exciting topics in the field:

1. Stem Cell Epigenetic and Reprogramming
2. Clinical Trials and Regulatory Affairs
3. Bone, Cartilage and Soft Tissue Engineering
4. Stem Cells-Tools to Battle Cancer
5. Targeting Mitochondria: Recent Clinical & Potential Therapeutic Studies
6. 3D Printing and Other Medical Device in Clinical Applications

The breadth of topics from basic discovery through model validation, clinical product development, and therapeutic application, in addition to the links between academic and commercial labs, make this conference imperative for industrial researchers, academic investigators, IP and regulatory specialists, biotechnology development investors and post-doctoral and graduate students.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee for the Symposium, we would like to extend our sincere invitation to all participants. Your active participation will be a great contribution to a successful symposium. Hope to see you soon at the 2016 Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research!

Sincerely yours,

Shinn-Zong Lin, MD, PhD, , FAAAS, IFAANS, FNAI, CPI
Chairman of 2016 the 9th Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research (PPSSC)
Distinguished Professor, China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan
Superintendent, Center for Neuropsychiatry, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan