Keynote Speakers

Yinon Ben-Neriah The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel Targeting the Transcriptional Addiction of Leukemia Stem Cells by a New Class of Protein Kinase Inhibitors
Jack T. Rogers Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital U.S.A. Targeting APP Gene Expression to Prevent Alzheimer’s Specific Amyloidosis in Down Syndrome as a Model to Improve General Cognitive Impairment
Yu-Hua Tseng Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Dental Medicine U.S.A. Fighting Fat with Fat: Therapeutic Potential of Brown Adipose Tissue
Shan Ping Yu Emory University School of Medicine U.S.A.Optochemogenetics Treatment in iPSC Therapy Promotes Brain Repair after Stroke / (Invite Speech) The Neuroprotective Effect of GPR37 on Regulating Multiple Cell Death and Inflammation Mechanisms after Ischemic Stroke in Mice