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Hualien City TourItinerary
Pick-up: AM 08:00
Date: April 17, 2017
At: Lobby of Hualien Farglory Hotel
Duration: 8.5 hrs
Fare: NTD 2,400
  • Tzu Chi Headquarters
  • Taroko National Park Monumental Archway
  • Taroko Swallow Grotto Trail
  • Cimu Bridge (Motherly Devotion Bridge)
  • Buluowan
  • Changchun Temple Trail

Taroko National Park Monumental Archway

The Monumental Archway is the east entrance of Taroko National Park; it is famous scenic spots at Taroko National Park. Most of tour of Taroko National Park will be started from here.

Taroko Swallow Grotto Trail

Along the Yanzikou (Swallow Grotto) trail which runs about a half kilometer starting from the entrance to Swallow Grotto to the Jinheng Bridge, you can enjoy the sights of the Liwu River from nearly straight above the water, the potholes on the cliff faces, the springs sprinkled along the lower parts of the walls, as well as the famous rock formation "Chieftain's profile rock".

Cimu Bridge (Motherly Devotion Bridge)

Cimu Bridge is an H-Shape hanging bridge with marble stone lions on each end and with marble lotus stones on two sides. The rock beneath the bridge looks like a frog. The frog-like rock is composed of black layer of schist at the top and white marble at the bottom. A pavilion was built on this frog rock, becoming the crown on the frog.

This area where Laoxi River flowing from the marble valley into Liwu River is called the "Heliu" which stands for "merging flows." The cliff has two different rocks layers. Going west after the turn, on the river terrace is the Heliu camping area. It has space for eleven tents. There is no charge and a first come, first served method operates. Remember that the parking space is limited and that during summer vacation, holidays and weekend this will always be a very popular site for family outdoors activities.


Buluowan is divided into Upper Terrace and Lower Terrace. You can walk on a trail to visit the river valley from the Lower Terrace. Then you can proceed to the service station, exhibition halls and Idas (meaning moon in the Taroko tribe language) Hall see both the arts and crafts of the Taroko Tribe and multimedia presentations. Up the slope to Mountain Moon (Shanyue) Village, the Formosa lily is probably the main attraction for spring visitors to Buluowan. The lily season is from mid April to mid May. On the upper terrace, go through the service center of Leader Village Hotel and there is a 300 meter Bamboo Groves trail, where you can observe the strangling fig trees.

Changchun Temple Trail

The starting point of this trail is the tunnel that leads from the highway to the Changchun Temple. This is definitely a trail for those who don't mind exerting themselves; for although it is not long, it is extremely steep. Those who suffer from vertigo should probably avoid this trail as well, for it has an intimidating bridge-crossing, and part of the trail also follows a mountain ridge, which falls away steeply on either side. Reaching the highest point of the trail takes about 25 minutes of walking along a path that zigzags up a steep slope. The highest point is marked by a bell tower. Most people make this their resting point, but the very best views can be obtained from a point about five minutes further along, where all the grandeur of the mountain peaks and billowing clouds is revealed. From this point on, the trail leads downhill, a welcome rest for weary legs.

Tzu Chi Headquarters

Tzu Chi represents one of Taiwan's four major Buddhist sects, and its Still Thought Hall, located on Zhongyang Road in Hualien, includes a medical center, a temple, and a university. The temple is a Tang Dynasty-style three-tiered flying eaves structure, with classic corridors, round pillars, and a solemn atmosphere. Still Thought Abode is a simple white-walled, gray-tiled building; this is the cradle of the Tzu Chi sect, and contains displays that offer a window into an understanding of Tzu Chi. Together the two structures constitute a center of Tzu Chi Buddhist faith; and if you want to relieve yourself of worldly concerns and purify your spirit, this is the place to go.