Abstract Submission

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Conference Main Themes
1. Protection after CNS trauma and stroke
2. Enhancing cell survival in neurodegenerative diseases
3. Neuroplasticity, sprouting, and functional repair in animal models of neural disorders
4. Cell replacement and gene therapy strategies for the nervous system
5. Nanotechnology and neuro-engineering
6. Translating discoveries to human therapies
7. Molecular biology of stem cell and cancer stem cells
8. Cell therapy in regerative medicine and cancer
9. Gene-stem cell therapy in diseases
10. Discovery of targeted drug therapy
11. Clinical trials in regerative medicine and cancer

Important Dates
Deadline of Abstract Submission: Wed., Feb. 29, 2012
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: Mon., Mar. 5, 2012

Rules for Submission
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All abstracts must be prepared according strictly to these guidelines. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be reviewed. We encourage early submission to ensure prompt confirmation and processing.

1. Abstracts whose authors do not register with full payment will be withdrawn.
2. The abstract must be written in ENGLISH.
3. The body of the abstract is limited to 250 words, excluding the title and information on authors.
4. The title and the body of the abstract should be typed in single space using Times New Roman with full justification.
5. The title should be concise, typed in bold and in capitals using 14 points. The text should be typed using 12 points.
6. There is no limit on the number of abstracts an author may submit.
7. Mark corresponding author with an asterisk in superscript.
8. It is the responsibility of the author to submit an accurate abstract. Abstracts will be published as submitted without editing.

Presentation Type
1. Oral presentation
E The presenter should prepare Powerpoint to describe the research questions, methods, results, and significance.
2. Poster presentation
E Poster Size: width 90 cm height 180 cm