Tour Information

The registration fee does not cover the following tours. There will be a tour information desk at the venue of the congress where participants are welcome to register on-site.
Pick up from Tempus Hotel
  09:00 Visit Xi-Hu Sugar Factory train (彰化溪湖糖廠-五分車體驗)
  11:00 Yung-Chin flowers garden (田尾公路花園)
  12:30 Lunch in Leader House Lukang (鹿港立德會館)
  14:30 Old Times Opera Museum (鹿港民俗博物館)
  17:30 Arrive in Tempus Hotel (End of Tour)

Xi-Hu Sugar Factory train

Xi-Hu Sugar Factory train is one of the earliest tourism trains in Taiwan to obtain operation permit. Nowadays, "Taking sugar factory train; eating sugar ice stick; visit sugar factory", has become most popular choice on weekend.

From Japan dominated Taiwan period, sugar cane used to be very important to the economy of Taiwan, however, the prospect doesn't exit anymore when time pass by. As a result, Taiwan Sugar Factory tried very hard to turn around the business type from selling sugar to tourism. The sugar factory takes best advantages of past history, production equipment and try to re-arrangement the sugar train and let visitors can experience sitting on it.

The length of the tourism train is about 7 km, company with various agriculture plants. It will be very appropriate to have field trip here for students and guiders will explain the whole history about the sugar factory to them.


Yung-Chin flowers garden

Yung-Chin flowers garden is a providing center of various fruits saplings for all over the island. There are many old buildings constructed as Chinese temples, family gardens with beautiful gallery and history to attract visitors get there to enjoy traditional cultures.

Along both sides of Chung-Shan Road, there are small samplings gardens for providing samplings to other areas in the island.

The area of Yung-Chin road to Chu-Tzu road plant many fragrance flowers like chrysanemum, special oranges and other precious flowers. And, some beautiful flowers planting open area with plastic covers, when flowers opened season, lots of visitors get there to enjoy flower atmospheres

Also, there are many buildings constructed as Chinese temples and family type building which built more than 110 years ago. Those old buildings attract visitors to enjoy traditional cultures.


Old Times Opera Museum (Optional)

The history of "Dragon Lantern" can be traced back to Ming Dynasty for celebrating the first civilian became the king. At present, the longest dragon lantern in Taiwan is in Hu Ann Kung, Chang Hwa. The total length is 172 m and surrounded by the temple park. Every year when comes to Lantern Festival, the temple will have dragon lantern parade walked around the city, as well as send free lanterns to bless others.

Unlike fashioned lantern, traditional lantern can express more culture meaning and you can enjoy the lanterns from different points of view via different making elements. Some of the lanterns made from "glass silk" which the light so we can see very beautiful and transparent light just with secret atmosphere; others has unique shape even don't' need holders and only made from pieces of papers.

When you enjoy viewing the dragon lantern, please don't forget to see them via the following points: Style, Technique, Color, and Light. You will get many interesting findings and learn from them if you follow this way to view lanterns.





  亞洲抗老化美容醫學醫學會 3分
  中華民國血液病學會 丙類 7.5分
  台灣皮膚科醫學會 1分
  台灣輸血學會 26分
  台灣神經外科醫學會 10分
  台灣婦產科醫學會B類 10分
  台灣神經學學會 5.4分

台灣家庭醫學醫學會 乙類15

  台灣護理師學會 10.6

台灣臨床病理醫學會 6分


台灣內科醫學會 5分


台灣醫學會 10.6分

  台灣醫事檢驗學會 10.6

台灣兒科醫學會 2分


中華民國心臟學會B類 5分


台灣外科醫學會 10分


中華民國美容醫學醫學會 5分


中華民國美容外科醫學會 5分