Conference Tour (Minimum 10 persons per group)


Conference Tour

Pick-up time: AM08:00~08:30

Meeting Point: Hotel One Lobby

Fare: Free

Duration: 8~9 hours

Tour Stops:


2. 華陶窯 Hwa Tao Yao


Hospice: (Foreigner ONLY)

Hotel ONE


Hotel ONE is the new brand founded and

fully managed by Landis Hotels & Resorts.

The hotel structure is designed by world-

renowned team, KPF Associates. Descending

The hotel, the highest in the city, is

now a landmark and ranks as the fifth tallest

building island-wide.







Tour stop information:



Due to the geographical location and the historical background in Taiwan, the St. Celestial Queen – Mazu, the so called Goddess of Sea, has the most believers and the noblest position. For Taiwanese, it is not a superstition to believe in Mazu, but a deep-rooted belief. In Spring every year, Mazu’s birthday is in March. It is a revelry festival. Pilgrims worship her. It is an exceptionally grand occasion.






Hwa Tao Yao


The name of Hwa Tao Yao enlivens the kiln with the very three Chinese characters. Hwa, , refers to “flower, the second, Tao, ,ceramics, and the last, Yao, , “kiln”.

The idea of creating a Taiwanese garden corresponding to the humanistic spirit of the workshop began to develop in this beautiful garden with the following concerns in mind: climatic variances, altitudes, rivers, and architectural styles.