Transportation Information for International Guests

Taoyuan International Airport to Conference Venue by THSR
There is Ubus providing shuttle between Taoyuan International Airport and THSR Taoyuan Station. Bus tickets can be bought in U-Bus Counter in Arrival Greeting Hall or Platform 1 in bus transfer station. It takes 10 minutes from THSR Taoyuan Station to THSR Hsinchu Station. Passengers may wait in Bus Platform No. 3, board the THSR shuttle bus (from THSR Hsinchu Station to TRA Zhubei Station), and get off on Ziqiang 7th St. (Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel).


Leg 1 Options:
Option 1, by Taxi: around 30mins (NT$300-350 estimated)
Option 2, by UBus: around 20mins (NT$30 estimated)
Please click here for Ubus Schedule.

Leg 2 Options:
By THSR: around 10mins (NT$130)
Please note that not every THSR stops at Hsinchu station.
Please make sure your THSR stops at Hsinchu Station.
Please click here for THSR Train Schedule.

Leg 3 Options:
Option 1, by Taxi: around 10mins (NT$100 estimated)
Taxi Pickup Area: 1st Floor, Exit 4
Option 2, by THSR shuttle bus: around 10-15mins (NT$26 estimated)
Bus Platform No. 3: 1st Floor, Exit 4
Bus is available every 20mins, and the 2nd stop is the conference venue,
Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel.

For Domestic Guest

Taoyuan International Airport to Conference Venue by Taxi
Airport taxis queue outside the arrival halls of both terminals, T1 and T2. To ensure the safety of passengers, only the taxis approved by the Aviation Police Bureau are permitted to operate in the Taoyuan International Airport. It takes about 40-60 minutes and estimates NT$1000-1500 from Taoyuan International Airport to Sheraton Hsinchu Hotel by taxi.